Cyber Security challenges for CXO

Technology is evolving rapidly and so are the cyber risks. It is a big responsibility on the shoulders of CXO (C-level Officers) to keep their organization’s data safe and secure from any data breaches such as DDOS attacks. CXO have to lead the effort in developing a roadmap of what exactly are their security needs, how they are aiming to achieve them and how they can make the process flexible in order to make it change friendly as the attacks evolve in future.

Some of the biggest security challenges for CXO are:

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are evolving each passing day becoming smarter and smarter to compromise the network and get hold of the sensitive information of the company. It is a growing challenge for CXO to keep their security software up to date for the latest threats coming all time. With the advanced threat protection techniques CXO can keep their network safe and reduce the risk of ransomware attacks.

Control Management

One of the biggest challenges is managing the access rights to give to employees for the sensitive data of the organization. A smart tool must be in place which controls access for all the employees and when any discrepancies occur, it reports immediately. There are tools to manage employee passwords as well so that they cannot be hacked easily.

Employee threats

Many security incidents occur though within the organization either due to employee unawareness or employee moles. In either case, it is a big threat to an organization as the employee has access to sensitive data. In order to prevent such data breach, any abnormal activities from an employee must be recorded and questioned subtly without harming employee trust to see its authenticity.

It is always a challenge for CXO to keep their networks and data 100 % safe from the cyber criminals. But running away is definitely not an answer, so the best way is to face it head on and give in the best shot to keep your data secure with the latest security software products in the market. Logix Infosecurity helps your organization deploy best tools to keep your company safe on the internet. We help you design a smart disaster recovery plan exactly suitable for your business requirements. It is always good to be prepared than regret later.

Disaster Recovery

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