A classic ICICI Bank Email phishing in 2017

Are you using internet banking ? How secure are your financial transactions ? Do you scan your bank emails thoroughly ? How can you know if a bank email is fraud? Here’s the most recent email phishing attack made on the customers of ICICI bank:

For a minute, have a look at the below mail and test for yourself if you find anything fishy in the following email:

Email Phishing

The above email is a classic example of email phishing. Here in the URL Link provided for the users to click, hackers have smartly replaced the first letter I(I) with small letter L(l) as pointed below.


We need to be more vigilant in protecting ourselves, as in today’s world scammers and hackers are all around us ready to poach us.

In order to stay safe and to avoid getting scammed, an advanced threat protection solution is very much essential which protects your emails. Compromising on email security can lead to disastrous consequences.

Logix Infosecurity provides advanced threat protection solution which includes email security along with advanced email antivirus, anti spam, and content filtering capabilities.

Ebook Email Security


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