Coping up with evolving priorities and challenges of CISOs

Coping Up With Evolving Priorities And Challenges Of Cisos

With the increasing cybersecurity attacks the role of CISOs have evolved drastically from their roles 20 years ago. CISOs have climbed up the executive management ladder due to their increase role in scale, scope and importance. Cybersecurity has become increasingly critical to the bottom line for many organizations, and the associated risks and costs have increased dramatically over the past decade. As an example, one study found that cyber crime cost the typical organization $13 million in 2018—a 12% increase over 2017 and a 72% increase over five years.

In lieu to these dangers, “CISOs can no longer afford to simply be technologists, but rather must become drivers of business strategy,” a Fortinet report stated. “They must move beyond compliance checkboxes to a broad approach based on an organization’s overall risk management strategy. And they must move beyond a ‘band-aid’ approach to covering the attack surface to a holistic, proactive stance toward threat response.”

According to the report, CISOs named the top industry challenges faced today are:

  1. Hackers/attackers (pre-intrusion) (47%)
  2. Strategy (33%)
  3. Data loss and privacy (28%)
  4. Cost reduction/avoidance (13%)
  5. Risk management (13%)

Alongwith all the above challenges, complexity due to an increased attack surface is an added challenge for the CISOs. Due to an expanded attack surface, following are the top most challenges faced by the CISOs:

  1. Increase complexity (46 %)
  2.  Increased need for learning and development (23%)
  3. Security tool proliferation (25%)
  4. Hackers/Attackers (23 %)
  5. Risk Management (18%)

Only 19% of CISOs reported zero intrusions in the past year, while 22% admitted to having experienced more than six intrusions. To avoid such intrusions, here are some best practices for the CISO:

Cisos Strategies

Logix Infosecurity with its team of experts help organizations and CISOs better manage their security. We understand the industry, organization and deploy the best tools to keep the organization safe from cyber threats. Our back-up solutions are also in line with preventive measure and helps CISOs take better decision while evaluating security.

Cisos Mitigate Cyber Attack

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