How CIO can spread cyber security awareness among the employees

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Cyber security hacks and breaches have become more widespread and are more damaging now than ever before. In the previous years, cyber security of the organization rested on shoulders of a couple of people within a security team which would cover the entire organization. However, today every individual at the organization has to be vigilant for any security risks. Conduct mandatory training for cyber security

CIOs and CSOs must come up with mandatory trainings on cyber security for their employees. All these trainings should not only be well tracked but the difficulty levels of these training should be increased gradually in order to train the employees with the latest security hacks and measures.

Trainings are not enough

Run security drills in your company for a ransomware attack and see how the employees are able to put the training to practice in real time. These regular health checks should be a part of daily routine and should not be specially scheduled on particular occasions. These programs should also include corrective measures on a regular basis for any recent unusual activities in the network.

Maintaining the appropriate work culture

When it comes to cyber security, work culture plays a major role. At times the biggest threats can come from within if not for the right personnel awareness and surroundings. So it is the best practice to educate your employees on the security practices to be maintained in daily work at your company.

Being strict by cyber security policies

Many a times some policies are bent around for top management. But we need to understand they would be the primary target for hacking as they have access to more information. Hence utmost care needs to be taken care in handling requests from top management and they should never deviate from the policy designs. Top managers too should encourage it.

Never disapprove of an employee raising a security concern

A friendly work culture should be encouraged wherein if an employee finds something suspicious and raises a red flag for the security, it should be well understood before reaching any judgement. Even if it is a false flag in any case, it is important not to discourage the employees for speaking up in case of real attack.

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