Choosing the right email server software

How To Choose The Right Email Server Software

Since every business today hinges on emailing, choosing the right email server software will take you a long way in improving your professionalism and productivity. It will also make or break your communication, whether it be internal or customer-facing.

Factors to evaluate for choosing the right email server software

An email server software that’s perfect for your business will not just offer simple mailing capabilities as that’s anyways expected. Rather, it will go several steps beyond and offer additional features for collaboration and productivity.

In the buzzing world of today, every professional from an entry-level intern to the CEO of a company juggles multiple threads at once. If she / he were to turn to a different solution for every need, that itself would be a full-time job. The right email server software, therefore, would be one that integrates multiple capabilities in one platform.

Further, here are some parameters to examine while choosing your email server software.

  1. The email server host allows you to create email accounts with the domain address of your official business.
  2. The email server software provider offers 24 X 7 support for technical and non-technical queries and issues. The support team ideally has a high query resolution rate.
  3. The email server software should have an inherent security-first approach. Email threats are emerging and evolving all the time. To combat the situation, the email service should have built-in virus and spam protection mechanisms.
  4. The email server software should offer optimal storage space to accommodate the massive email back-and-forth volumes. An ideal solution would also archive emails for regulatory compliance and mailbox space management.
  5. Your mail service provider should provide for sending large attachments, at least up to 25MB and have add-ons for accommodating larger files.

How Logix Cloud Zimbra ticks off on each of the above

Cloud Zimbra offers a unique, powerful mailing experience. It has gone beyond secure mailing to become a comprehensive mailing and collaboration suite. It has several additional features like contacts, calendaring, instant messaging (which is easy as WhatsApp!),  A/V conferencing, file sync and share, and more.

Not only can you create email accounts with your business domain, you can also dynamically allocate and de-allocate space to these email accounts with our domain-based space quota. So, if you need to make on-the-fly changes to your mailbox space, you are at full liberty to do so.

If you acquire Cloud Zimbra with Logix, you will get access to our 24X7 support. We are known for our query resolutions and close assistance.

As for the security, every Cloud Zimbra mailbox which Logix deploys is given an advanced layer of protection with our built-in Cloud Email ATP.

Cloud Zimbra also optimizes mailbox space and attachment handling with its single instance storage feature.

Understanding Single Instance Storage

How Does Single Instance Storage Work?

Zimbra can now be deployed with mobile and desktop clients, making it hyper-available, and open to use wherever and whenever you need it.

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