Benefits of Instant Messaging for Small Businesses

Benefits Of Instant Messaging For Smbs

In the past couple of years, we transitioned from onsite work to Work from Home and now we finally seem to have settled at Work from Anywhere. Employees are now used to remote work, and platforms like MS Teams are bringing team mates closer.

In this scenario, upcoming small to medium sized businesses need an integrated collaboration platform to help employees work together seamlessly. Here, we are listing the benefits of instant messaging.

If you own an SMB, read through and you might find it worth it to get started with an instant messaging solution.

4 Benefits of Instant Messaging

Mobility of Collaboration

We have become used to taking our work with us wherever we go. For hassle-free collaboration, team mates need to have clear access to you even if you are not in front of your office machine.

This is where instant messaging steps in to help. With a mobile deployment as well as a desktop one, you can continue conversations, share quick updates and ask for clarifications even when you are on the move.

Since the app will be installed on your mobile device, you will be working with an interface you are familiar with, from using WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc.

File sharing

With the option to attach files to a conversation, you can quickly share PDFs, presentations, quotations, user guides, and shared documents.

This reduces the additional step of mailing attachments separately, especially when you need them in a hurry.

Quick Resolutions

Every company progresses faster if the management is solid. But management doesn’t always work out well with a top-down hierarchy. When each and every employee is enabled to reach out to their peers, their juniors, and their seniors, information sharing doesn’t become a factor in decision making.

This helps to douse fires and handle critical situations. You can spot a problem from miles away and resolve it before it becomes a major situation.

Lack of communication is the worst problem to have when managing a growing business and the benefit of instant messaging is that you are eliminating this challenge and empowering employees to access information remotely.

Integrated Platform

A good collaboration platform will have instant messaging built into its core functionality. So, you can continue mailing, calendaring, contact sharing, and messaging all from one solution.

By going for a collaboration tool with built-in instant messaging, you are reducing the number of disparate tools you are using to work together. This enhances the remote working experience and boosts employee productivity.

Instant Messaging is now a part of Cloud Zimbra Suite

The instant messaging feature of Zimbra is as easy as WhatsApp. It integrates directly with your Zimbra platform and so you can access it right from your desktop / mobile client.

The instant chat of Zimbra has been designed with close attention to your familiarity with WhatsApp and so you will find no great pains in using it. It has all the features of voice messages, emoticon support, attachment sharing, and groups. Your teammates are now a click away.

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