With the increasing third party leaks, Aadhar Card systems need security reviews

Aadhar Card database is by far one of the largest government databases on this planet consisting of more than 111 crore entries of Indian citizens. It contains both demographic and biometric data of all the citizens across India.

While the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has claimed its database to be secure with no breaches in its systems, it has come to notice that data leaks are happening on the third party websites. It is essential for UIDAI to secure the whole ecosystem and not just the Aadhar database. The number of data breaches has increased radically over the past couple of years. Fraudsters and imposters could use these details to create fake profiles or even defraud bank accounts of innocent people making fictitious transactions or claiming government benefits.

Biometrics and demographic details of every individual are never to be stored by any website or system being used but should be directly transmitted digitally to the Aadhar servers. In some recent events, it has been discovered that many systems store this data on the local machines leading to massive data leaks. In the credit card payment systems, payment gateways never store the credit card numbers. In the similar manner local machines are not supposed to save any Aadhar related data on their systems but should directly transmit and authenticate it with Aadhar systems. UIDAI should take active steps in order to secure the whole ecosystem and not just the database.

Government has made it mandatory to link Aadhar card with all the banks accounts, government subsidies, . Data breach of Aadhar can cause a massive unrest. Therefore, government bodies must assess or get cyber security firms to assess the loophole in the existing models.

The government must have a clear instruction on level of security to be used for UID database. Specific agencies can work on individual sites requiring their specific security needs. Cyber security at multiple levels then can be implemented to tackle similar problems.

Logix Infosecurity provides all the services including vulnerability testing. Our experts can assess the condition and propose best and top notch cyber security solution. Logix experts will not only suggest the next steps to fortify the cyber walls but also help in implementing them.


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