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MailVault Cloud – Email Archival Solution

MailVault Cloud – Email Archival Solution

840.00 per user per annum

Maintaining your organizational email records simplified. An email archiving software helps you archive older emails in an organized manner. Use it for bookkeeping or as an email backup or for other needs you may have! Our MailVault Cloud is one of the best email archiving solutions. We offer Per Mailbox Email Archival packaged with a Discovery Service. Upto 7 Years Retention. Already have an active mailbox? Our email archival solution integrates seamlessly with O365, G Suite, Zimbra, and any other Email System which supports Journaling. 1 in quantity denotes one mailbox.

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An email archival solution suited to your needs

MailVault Cloud indexes, de-dupes, and archives every mail. Your administrator can discover emails for the entire domain. You can also retrieve email of your employees who have left the organization. Every individual MailVault Cloud user can discover email threads from his or her own mails. Legal Hold applies on archived mails.

Usage Scenario for your Mailbox Email Archival

If email archiving is enabled for mailbox1@domain.com, then all emails sent / received by the account mailbox1@domain.com will get archived.

However, mails where

  • Mail From: OR
  • Mail To: OR
  • Cc OR
  • Bcc

is not mailbox1@domain.com, and hence won’t be archived by the MailVault email archival solution.

Are you on the fence about archiving your emails or deleting them? Read our blog on mail archival versus deletion.

For more details, please visit our Email Archival Service Page.

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