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VolumeMail SMTP – Bulk Mail Solution

VolumeMail SMTP – Bulk Mail Solution

1,200.00380,000.00 per year

You creatively come up with the best email marketing strategy. You painstakingly implement it, only to find out that most of your campaign emails were not even delivered! Emails having similar content intended for multiple recipients are likely to be flagged as spam by mailboxes. Our VolumeMail SMTP is a leading bulk mail service that assures maximum email deliverability. Choose the number of emails you need and make your bulk mail marketing campaign a success. VolumeMail SMTP is the correct solution for transactional emails for your day-to-day operations.

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Send mass emails having the same content to multiple opt-in recipients.

It is the most appropriate bulk email service to ensure mail delivery to users’ inbox.

Buy Bulk Mail For Business Communication

 Features of our Bulk Mail Service

  • 100% Guaranteed email delivery to the Inbox of your valid genuine database of Customers, giving you the expected ROI, using opportunistic TLS encryption.
  • Gain powerful insight into the performance of your bulk mail via the Volume Mail SMTP API and statistics dashboard. Track email requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, unsubscribe, category tracking and more in real-time.
  • Lower Cost, Easy Updates, Rapid Implementation.
  • Less hassle of managing internal SMTP servers.
  • Easy to integrate API, including simple SMTP Auth.
  • Ability to manage outgoing mail reputation.
  • Dedicated IP’s allotted exclusively for VolumeMail SMTP activities thus reducing the risk of IP’s getting blacklisted and very low spam rates.

For more details visit our VolumeMail Service Page.

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