A Recap of Our Webinar on Persistent Threats on Your Website

A Recap Of Our Webinar On Persistent Threats

It was Bill Gates who said if your business is not on the internet, it simply does not exist. Taking a look at the scenario today, we don’t think it’s a gross exaggeration. Today, organizations use many web-based critical applications for conducting their business.
Because they’re so exposed to the public at large, business applications or websites are vulnerable to several cyber-attacks leading to data thefts, loss of confidential information, or business reputation damage. These attacks could happen due to weak spots in your overall security or tiny loopholes in your web application structure.
To raise awareness about the solution for these persistent threats, we conducted a webinar. The objective of this webinar was to emphasize the importance of website / web application security. If not handled properly it could pose a serious threat to the organization.

What we covered under the webinar

The webinar provided insights on protecting your websites and business-critical applications against the latest threats while making IT security operations less stressful. It also demonstrated how attackers can easily hack the credentials.
Prashant Mudbidri, Director, Logix InfoSecurity, commenced the conference with a brief on cyber threats and the importance of Enterprise Web-application security. Later, he introduced Homesh Joshi, Director, PagEntra to cover the rest of the session.
The presentation started with the recent security breaches in India and later gave the audience the insights on attackers perspective.
Why Hackers Hack
Broadly speaking, hackers have the following objectives in mind:

  • Resources
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Malvertising & Spam hosting
  • Infra to further launch attacks.
  • Monetary gain
  • Data (CC, Username / Password, PII)
  • Bot network
  • Hacktivism & Boredom
  • Vandalism
  • Fun

Demonstrative Activities

The virtual conference showcased a live cyber threat map and showcased how easy it is for hackers with to get hold of your application or users credential.
Live Cyber Threat Map
Later, after getting insights on the threat visibility, the presentation covered the most important aspect to protect your web-based applications: implementing a Web Application Firewall.
A Web Application Firewall uses Threat Intelligence to actively block persistent cyber threats. It scans your website in real time and reports on potential threats. It can block modern and deadly attacks like Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections, spam, protocol abuse and several other attacks.
The event concluded with an interactive QnA session.

About the speaker – Homesh Joshi

About Homesh Joshi
Homesh has 15 years of InfoSecurity experience, he has worked with Datacenter SOC like NTT Netmagic and currently works as a director with Pagentra which has developed Cloud based Web Application Firewall called SiteWALL.

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