Get the Most Stable and Economical Instant Messaging and A/V Conferencing

Instant Messaging And Av Conferencing

We are excited to announce that, we are adding an instant messaging & Audio-Video conferencing module, as a part of Cloud Zimbra functionality.
This functionality is offered at a very nominal cost to existing Cloud Zimbra Customers & as a part of a bundle for new customers. The service of Instant Messaging & Audio-Video Conferencing can also be availed by customers who are currently using Logix email security.
Through our Add-Ons, we always strive to give more than you expect, so you can make the most of our offerings.
What do I get?
Communication & Collaboration

Chat Groups Upto 5,000 members
Searchable Chat History Unlimited
Calendar Yes
Video Conferencing Upto 100 participants, unlimited minutes

And much more

The Benefits of Services

Businesses have started to rely on email and remote communication more than ever in the past year. However, an email is an “asynchronous” messaging tool. Meaning that you don’t have a constant stream of emails like you do with your chatting apps like WhatsApp.
Sometimes, organizations face the need for instant messaging. It can be for an internal meeting or a quick client demo. With the way we’re being more and more conditioned for digital streaming, people also feel the pressing need for connecting on an audio or video call.

Buy Zimbra with Add-On Instant Messaging and A/V Conferencing

Logix is a proud Platinum Zimbra Partner, one of the very few in the ASEAN region (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations). We keep updating core Zimbra offerings with add-on features and customizations. The coupling with an Instant Messaging + A/V conferencing solution is a power-packed combination you should not miss.
If you are interested & would like to opt for this Instant Messaging & Audio–Video Conferencing add-on, Kindly Register Here or write to for more information

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