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Transactional Emails Solution

Bulk emails are primarily used for various purposes in business. Communication emails and bulk notifications, collectively called as transactional emails, are the numerous notices you send to give updates to your customers. Some examples of transactional emails are invoices, purchase confirmations, account creation mails, investor relationship messages, promotional mails, payment reminders and other transactions specific to your business.
Every organization has a need to send bulk emails to their Customers/ Investors/ Vendors etc. Sometimes, these mails are sent out as a bunch to your customer base lists, to maximize your digital outreach.
Traditional Email Servers (O365 / Gsuite Etc) have limits set on number of emails that can be sent.

Logix Volume Mail SMTP

Our Logix Volume Mail SMTP delivers such bulk mails directly to customers inbox subject to a valid genuine opt-in database.

Monthly Subscription plan for your transactional emails

Pay monthly with yearly subscription. Depending on your requirements or campaigns, you can plan email campaigns. The plan helps you handle your bulk/mass emails with less cost and total email deliverability.

Please note sending unsolicited bulk mails are not allowed and will be blocked

Volume Mail Monthly Subscription For Transactional Mails

The Benefits of Buying Volume Mail SMTP

  1. Delivery to Inbox of Recipient

100% guaranteed email delivery to the inbox of your valid genuine database of customers, giving you expected ROI. This is possible as Volume Mail uses opportunistic TLS encryption.

  1. Supports uncapped number of emails

Volume Mail SMTP supports Uncapped numbers of messages. Dedicated IP (optional) allocated exclusively for managing the activities.

  1. Detailed reporting

Gain powerful insight into the performance of your email. Track all activities – email request, deliveries, click rate, open rate, bounces, unsubscribe and much more. With better quality data, you can make better decisions. This is valuable data you can use to optimize your bulk email campaign

Get best ROI from your transactional emails. Try our Monthly Subscription Plan today.

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