Tata Technologies appoints Logix for implementing DMARC to tackle domain spoofing instances

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Tata Technologies Limited is a part of Tata Group, a subsidiary of Tata Motors. It deals in services in engineering and design, product lifecycle management, manufacturing, product development, and IT service management to automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.
Tata Technology takes appropriate measures and procedures when it comes to email security. It is important for them to detect and act in real-time against the growing targeted threats through email. Tata Technology is currently using Symantec services for their email security which blocks ransomware and emerging threats with high effectiveness. The other major threat vector for Tata Technology is domain spoofing/impersonating which needs immediate attention.
Tata Technology has associated with Logix Infosecurity to detect and prevent email spoofing through Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC).
After implementing DMARC Monitor, they will receive raw data with many potential insights into their email traffic. Logix has core expertise in interpreting these reports & define action plans to achieve maximum compliance.
The reports that DMARC Monitor generates can help identify:

  • Servers / IP’s which are sending email On-Behalf of your domains. These servers/IP’s can be identified, and SPF appropriately updated. All servers including the corporate email system will have to pass through the Common email gateway which enforces DKIM.

DMARC also enables senders to receive data back from receivers, providing insight into fraudulent email patterns.
How our DMARC monitor would add value to Tata Technology

  1. Obtain complete clarity and control over all your email channels.
  2. Authenticate and improve the deliverability of your emails.
  3. Block inbound attacks and safeguard your brand name.
  4. Publish an efficient policy that instructs ISP’s to deliver or delete emails.

With growing instances of domain impersonation, it is very important for organizations to discover if their domain name is being misused and take measures to stop these cyber frauds.
This can go a long way in protecting the reputation, the brand name and also prevent financial losses.
DMARC monitor, software tool which analyses the data coupled with advisory services, renders the domain protected from being misused.
To know more about our DMARC Security solutions, email us – sales@logix.in

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