Grow Your Business with the Logix Partnership Program

Partnership Program

We believe stronger networks are key for the overall growth of business. In the attempt to extend our reach, we’re looking for like-minded organizations to join our partnership program. If you believe in a Grow-As-You-Go philosophy, what follows is for you.

Every business owner has a standard revenue margin with their existing operations. But with the Logix Partnership program, you can progressively minimize your cost and maximize earnings.

Two of our major services fall under this program: Email Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Cloud Zimbra.

About the solutions

  1. Cloud Zimbra

    Cloud Zimbra is one of the most widely adopted Email & Collaboration solution, connecting end-users to the information and activity in their personal clouds.

  2. Email ATP

    Our Email Advanced Threat Protection enables organizations to combat advance attacks with its multi layered, multi-tiered security approach using the multiple threat intelligence detection & prevention tools.

Partnership Levels

There are 3 levels of partnership, each coming with its own set of leverageable benefits.

  1. White Label Partner (WLP)

    As a white label partner, you can promote the solution under your brand name.
    With better pricing point & minimum commitment, White Label Partner can achieve higher earnings.

  2. Reseller

    Resellers can partner with Logix to streamline their sourcing and further extend it to their customers.

  3. Associate

    An associate could be a firm or even an individual. Associates help us engage with the customers who have specific need for Email Security or Cloud Zimbra solutions.

What will you get out of the partnership deal?

We support the idea that a good deal is always a two-way street. We have structured our partnership program to drive a win-win for both partners. Following are the benefits you get on becoming our partners:

  1. Low risk

As an organization you can fall back on us for Procurement, Technical Support and much more.
Depending on the partnership program you have the opportunity for best pricing offers and considerable commitments

  1. Enter new markets and increase business revenue

Tap into uncharted networks and find new prospects for business. Because you now have additional services of Email ATP and Zimbra under your belt, you can optimize your outreach strategies. Leverage the partnership to reach a wider audience and increase your business revenue.

  1. Enhance your offerings

Did you provide just email hosting until now? Now you can pitch an additional layer of security via Email Advanced Threat Protection service. With Zimbra, you can offer customers enterprise messaging and collaboration solution, which is flexible, scalable and reliable.

  1. Unmatched Support 24/7/365

We are not there with you only during the highs, but also during the lows. Our experienced support team will be available in case your customers have issues / queries. Reap the benefits of an all-round support and project your image as having strong and reliable customer satisfaction tools. Logix will provide the required technical, marketing and sales support.
L1 support need to be provided by the Partner.
L2 & L3 assistance will be given by Logix team.

You are in good hands

Logix Infosecurity is a leading Cloud Email Security and Mail Service Provider company. We’ve been helping customers since 1999. Until date, we have over 800 Email Security users and 2000+ Zimbra customers in our portfolio. We pride ourselves on servicing needs of several scales and niche markers. Logix is a front-runner Zimbra Business Service Provider, and amongst the only 4 Platinum Partners in the world.
In India, we’ve our partners spread across different locations like New Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, New Delhi, Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and some of the partners are based out of India -Srilanka & UAE.
What you do with the partnership is entirely in your hands. You can strategize it as much as you want to get maximum business benefits.

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