Logix Turns 23

Logix Turns 23

We are thrilled to get in the spirit of our 23rd anniversary. The Logix journey has been incredible and we are happy you are a part of it. Along the way, we saw some unexpected curves due to the pandemic, and we tried out best to adapt to the changing scenario.

A major credit for this goes to the Logix Leadership, which has stood behind our entire team unwaveringly. Special mention to our Directors, Nitin Patil, Adwait Gadre, Prashant Mudbidri and Vandana Mudbidri. It is their clear vision and grit that fuels our steady growth, come what may.

Logix is also grateful to all its team members who continue to strive for excellence. As Hellen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” It is the dedication at the granular, individual level in our team that has backed our leaps towards progress. Today, we are known for our technical expertise and support. So, we also take this opportunity to express our appreciation for our support team members.

We thank all our customers whose faith in our services keep us on track to deliver more. As always, Logix is committed to providing quality services to you and appreciates your business and continued support.

And of course, our partners who have been with us in this successful journey. The ecosystem of new product offerings, innovation and focus towards building a better, more secure digital world has empowered us to collectively introduce newer and newer solutions to the marketplace.

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Looking ahead

For us, the only way is forward. We have big things planned for the times to come. Looking forward to your continued support and valued association.

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