HDB Financial emerges stronger with Advanced Email Security & Data loss prevention


HDB Financial Services Limited is a leading non-banking financial company, provides financing, collection, and insurance services in India. The company operates through Lending Business and BPO Services segments. Their old setup for email security failed to provide the much-needed security, control & visibility. They were not just hit by spams emails but also several phishing attack emails & largely, the fraudulent CEO email spoofing or the Business email compromise (BEC)  instances.

Our team at Logix deployed Symantec Email Security & Data Loss Prevention on Cloud for HDB Financial Services.Symantec’s DLP Cloud Service for Email solution leverages and enhances customers’ existing investments in Symantec Email Security.cloud. With DLP Cloud Service for Email deployed, Email Security.cloud customers get DLP monitoring and prevention capabilities without installing any new on-premises infrastructure.

The DLP Cloud Service extends industry-leading threat and anti-spam protection from Symantec Email Security.cloud to Office 365 and Gmail. It stops new and sophisticated email threats such as business email compromise and ransomware with multi-layered detection technologies such as advanced heuristics and deep link evaluation.

Symantec Email Security.cloud also identifies and stops the most stealthy and persistent threats in cloud email through insights from one of the world’s largest intelligence networks, the Symantec Global Intelligence Network. In addition, you can automatically safeguard the security and privacy of confidential emails by encrypting specific outbound emails using policy-based encryption capabilities.

To know more about our Email Security solutions, please reach out to us on  sales@logix.in

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