Have you switched to Zimbra Network Edition yet?

Have You Switched To Zimbra Network Edition Yet

Are you still running Zimbra Open Source 8.8.15 edition?

This version is no longer supported by Zimbra, leaving your email setup vulnerable to potential ransomware attacks and other security risks.

With this older version you pose a risk to your mail data getting compromised or causing disruptions in email services.

To mitigate these risks and ensure the security of your valuable data, Synacor (Zimbra) recommend upgrading to the paid Zimbra Network Edition (ZNE) – Version 9 or 10.

Zimbra Network Edition (ZNE) from Logix offers

  1. Enhanced security with inbuilt Email ATP
  2. Instant Messaging
  3. Zimbra Desktop, and future updates.
  4. Continued support
Switch to ZNE

Upgrade to Zimbra Network Edition today and protect your business from potential threats. For more details and assistance with the upgrade process, review our ZNE migration offering.

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