Zimbra Network Edition

Upgrade from Zimbra Open Source to Zimbra Network Edition


Zimbra Open Source 8.8.15 is End of Life and End of Support

Zimbra Open Source 8.8.15 is no longer receiving updates or upgrades from Zimbra.

This leaves the setup susceptible to potential Ransomware attacks, posing a risk to your mail data getting compromised or causing disruptions in email services.

To mitigate these risks, it is strongly recommend upgrading to Zimbra Network Edition (Paid) - Version 9 or 10, which offers continued support and enhanced security features.

Zimbra Network Edition comes with

  • Built-in Cloud Email ATP when you migrate with Logix.
  • Added benefits of instant messaging.
  • Continued future updates support.
  • Zimbra Desktop Edition.
For a better setup, Logix as the largest Platinum Partner of Zimbra would assist you to upgrade to Zimbra Network Edition 9.0 or further – (on-cloud or on-premise).

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    Benefits of Zimbra Network Edition

    Features On-cloud On-premise
    Integrated Cisco Email Advance Threat Protection Yes Yes*
    Built-in instant messaging Yes


    On-cloud option available

    24×7 technical support Yes Yes
    Zimbra Desktop (Replacement to Microsoft Outlook) Yes Yes
    Co-existence with O365 or Google Workspace Yes Yes
    Future updates/upgrade  from Logix and Zimbra Yes Yes
    Other advantages

    Highly economic service

    No IT worries

    Automatic upgrades

    Zero downtime

    Custom branding

    Hosted cloud solution

    Data sovereignty

    Licensed software

    Custom branding

    Custom integrations

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