An OTT Channel provider adopts AI powered Perception Point Email Security to stop Quishing attacks


Fake QR Code Email Phishing Scam

Beware: Fraudsters are sending mails with fake QR codes (‘Quishing’ – short for QR Code Phishing), which are claiming several victims and bypassing most traditional email security gateways.

An OTT content channel provider had a challenge in handling the increasing advanced email attacks.

They found traditional mechanisms were simply not giving them the expected protection against quishing and emerging threats.

With Logix free evaluation trial of Perception Point AI Email Security tool, they were able to detect and stop QR code email incidents.

• Equipped with modern AI capabilities, Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security employs an image recognition model that identifies and scans QR codes in real-time, extracting links and following them to dynamically scan for phishing or malware delivery attempts.
• This solution stops malicious QR code campaigns at their source, preventing them from reaching the user’s inbox.
• It detects all emerging and advanced forms of email-borne threats.

With this outcome, the customer fortified their email security with Perception Point AI powered Email Security solution.

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You can protect your business from such new-age email threats as well.

Take a free evaluation trial of Percpetion Point Email ATP.

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