Buy Cloud Zimbra from the Logix eShop

Buy Cloud Zimbra From The Logix Eshop

We have the perfect solution on our eShop to help you boost your business messaging & collaboration: Cloud Zimbra. Further, we discuss the features of our Cloud Zimbra plans and also tell you how you can buy Cloud Zimbra online in 6 quick steps.

Cloud Zimbra excels in its ability to service organizations of all scales. It’s highly productive, robust and secure. When you buy Cloud Zimbra from Logix, you get integrated with Email Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that protects your business from all the latest email threats.

Logix is a Platinum Business Service Provider partner of Zimbra.

Cloud Zimbra Plans On Our eShop

We have 3 feature-packed Cloud Zimbra plans on the Logix eShop, an online portal that makes procurement simpler.

Cloud Zimbra Basic MailNGX – Custom Plan

Basic Ngx

Cloud Zimbra Basic


Cloud Zimbra Professional


Benefits of using Cloud Zimbra

Like every business owner, you want your employees to be passionate about their work. The proper tools in the right hands can create magic. As a business owner, you can scale up your employees’ throughput by providing the right means for them to work properly.

Here’s how you can help your employees boost their productivity:

  • Efficient mailbox management and calendaring
  • Flexible mailbox allocation within your organization
  • Secured Webmail Access
  • Audio-Video Conferencing
  • Admin level usage
  • Desktop Email Client which supports Windows & Mac
Benefits Of Cloud Zimbra

Buy Cloud Zimbra in 6 Simple Steps

Buy Cloud Zimbra Online
  1. Visit the Logix eShop
  2. From the sidebar, click on Cloud Zimbra under Messaging and Collaboration
  3. Select a Cloud Zimbra plan suited to your needs
  4. Choose the size of your mailbox
  5. Enter the domain name of your business
  6. Complete the purchase process

View our Zimbra Service for more details on the architecture and deployment of our Cloud Zimbra solutions.

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