Google Workspace Hybrid

From managing productivity to saving cost

Use our innovative split coexistence strategy where your company has users within both Google Workspace and Cloud Zimbra.


Google Workspace + Cloud Zimbra

In this coexistence model, Logix splits the email users between Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Cloud Zimbra, based on their position and needs.

This model gets you the best of both offerings by letting senior/top-level executives/ decision makers use the full feature set of Google Workspace while general users use Zimbra mail.

The mail flow between the two user groups remains seamless.

Google Workspace users get:

  • All the productivity and collaboration features you are currently enjoying.
  • Full access to Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, etc.

Cloud Zimbra users get:

  • Zimbra mailbox with domain-level quota allocation.
  • Webmail/POP/IMAP/SMTP/smartphone sync (Gmail).
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    How does the Google Workspace + Cloud Zimbra Coexistence setup save cost?

    All our customers have derived a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) by migrating a certain section of its users to Cloud Zimbra.

    Most organizations with large numbers of users are not able to justify the cost and value with the Business or Enterprise plans. Some users have very limited usage when it comes to the functionalities of the different editions.

    The IT teams have fixed budgets and any changes in the structure or pricing of the productivity and collaboration solution affect the entire IT spending and operations.

    The Google Workspace and Cloud Zimbra coexistence solution solves this challenge by lowering the total cost of ownership.

    Cost Comparison Table

    Pricing Comparison: Google Workspace VS Coexistence Model

    An example of 500 users hosted on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – More than 60% reduction in total cost by migrating users to Cloud Zimbra Basic Suite with the coexistence model.

    If you are on a Google Workspace plan, fill out the form above to know how you could improve your ROI.

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