GSuite – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution

The Zimbra-G Suite Hybrid Solution

Logix’s G Suite – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution

Any business needs mail servers to streamline their electronic communication. A powerful, properly chosen mail server can do wonders for your email communications and transactions. Most businesses have realized that only power users are utilizing the potential of the solution and general users are only using basic email features. A significant business slowdown is observed and as a result, most organizations have started to migrate their general users to low-cost mail solutions.

Benefits of the hybrid solution

  1. Best ROI with justified cost
  2. Sharing the same domain: Although you may decide to host different segments onto different cloud deployments, you can share the same domain so your segmentation remains transparent.
  3. Seamless mail flow between the user group
  4. Security: By opting for our hybrid solution, you also get the added value of potent, all-round security. This is because we package our hybrid solution with our Email Advanced Threat Protection, which battles all advanced malware attacks.

Before we explore the features of a hybrid solution, here is a short explanation of the two individual services.

What is Zimbra?

Zimbra is a collaboration tool that consists of a mail server and a web client. It acts as a complete enterprise email & collaboration solution.  At Logix, we use Zimbra to connect end-users to the information and activity in their personal clouds. You can easily deploy Cloud Zimbra Solution on the Logix cloud infrastructure. We host Zimbra mail servers in three, tier III data centers in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is Google’s one-stop solution to boost productivity within an organization. In one combined offering, G Suite offers solutions for email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, cloud storage, remote conferencing, and a lot more.

The Zimbra-G Suite Hybrid Solution – What do you get?

Cloud Zimbra – G Suite Hybrid setup gets you the best of both worlds by letting you choose Cloud Zimbra for general users and G Suite for Power Users, sharing the same domain, and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Benefits Of The Logix Zimra-G Suite Hybrid Solution


The true allure of this hybrid solution is that if you are already using G Suite for your core team, but are thinking of migrating your general users to other mailing solutions, you can keep the core team on G Suite and the other set of general users on Cloud Zimbra. In this way, using the Zimbra-G Suite hybrid solution, you optimize for cost without losing out on the productivity of the non-core members.

Logix provides migration services, wherein Mail / Folder / Calendar & Contact data is migrated from G Suite to Zimbra. More details are on our hybrid solution page.

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