Zepto Ransomware : What you need to know to protect your files.

Zepto Ransomware

Are you aware of the latest Ransomware :  Zepto Ransomware or Zepto js?

There are numerous malicious program all through the web. However few of them are as hazardous and as difficult to manage as are ransomware infections. Ransomware is a genuinely new sort of virus that is altogether different. Few of them like Trojan Horses and other malware are there to either foul up your PC’s framework, spy on you or take cash from your online financial balances. Ransomware won’t do any of that.Their way of attecting is quite different and unique.

In this article, we will share everything you should know about latest ransomware : Zepto Ransomware or Zepto js


How Zepto File or Zepto Ransomware can affect you?

These viruses work quite differently compared to any other malicious software.Here are the ways that Zepto Ransomware works and harm you.

  • If your system gets infected by .zepto File Virus,it may not start infecting you immediately.
  • It remains in hidden stage initially.During this period, it copies all your files into encrypted copies and  deletes the originals.
  • If file is encrypted, this means that you cant access that file. You are left with files that you cant open.
  • After encrypting all files it will notify you about its presence. It will show you a message to pay a certain amount of money in the form of bitcoins.Bitcoins are a cyber-currency that are very difficult to be traced to the receiver.
  • This leaves you in complete mess of loosing files.

Ins And Outs Of Email Security

How Zepto Ransomware are distributed?

Zepto files are distributed in two main ways:

  • In the emails with attachment of ZIP File : Opening file will unpack a file with a .JS (JavaScript) extension.Opening the JavaScript file, however, runs the script program inside. It will in turn downloads the ransomware as an EXE (Windows program) file, and runs it.
  • In the emails with attachment of DOCM File : DOCM – “document with macros” – a special type of document that contains embedded scripts written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).


How can you protect from Zepto Ransomware?

Few preventive tips to take action before it is infected:

  • Have a backup of all your files
  • Pay attention to your PC’s behavior.
  • Avoid shady sites and have a good anti-virus program.
  • Be careful when opening new e-mails from unknown senders.

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