8 Security Questions you should ask your Web Hosting Providers

Web Hosting Providers

When you face security challenges with your Web hosting it can be a genuine nightmare, particularly when you don’t realize what turns out badly. What you don’t think about Website and choosing right web hosting provider but that can hurt your business. Cyber criminals are continually attempting to discover new paths to get into your server and are turning out to be increasingly smart every day.

While choosing your web hosting provider, 8 security question you should ask all web hosting providers

1. What is the security policy of your web hosting company?

When you read about security policy of web hosting company you can do your first guess that how much will they care about your website security.  There are different flavors of web hosting options available today starting from cheap solution to high end traffic management website.Few providers give only server space and a connection and leave security up to you while others  with advanced web security solution.In 2016, Many websites faced the challenge of DDoS attack starting from Twitter to Trump-Hilton Election campaign websites.

2. What is the infrastructure of your hosting provider?

A critical part of secured web hosting lies in understanding

  1. Which is the server software such as Apache or IIS?
  2. What will be the Operating system?
  3. How often there will be security patch updates?
  4. What will be the downtime during updates?
  5. What is the virtualization software underlying in your server?

3. Do you offer SSL (HTTPS)?

Understanding why SSL(HTTPS) is important to take care of your web security.

If your site needs usernames and passwords, such as for e-commerce or portal then it is vital to have SSL(HTTPS) to protect the site from cyber criminals. Without SSL, your customers will be sending that information in plain text. There are different levels of SSL certificates.  Either You may need to either choose from your web hosting providers offerings or you may need from the third-party certificate authority.

4. Does your hosting provider provide the backup solution?

Backups are a necessary part of any security and continuity plan. There are 2 situations when backups become too crucial.

  1. If anything goes wrong by your mistake let’s say you deleted a file on your server.
  2. Malicious compromise of your site.

Understanding and knowing about your backup like:

  1. Whether your data is backed up?
  2. How long will it take to restore?
  3. What is the backup policy and how often it will be taken?

Check out How can backup solution  can save from Ransomware attacks.


5. Who will be doing configuration and installations?

Web Hosting Providers generally provides CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, or  Magento for the customer to pick from to build their website. However, it is important to know who will be responsible for configuration and installation and latest version updates.The same concerns apply to the security of the underlying core software packages such as SQL and PHP.

7. Who is responsible for updating applications and software?

Unpatched applications are an open door to attackers trying to break into your site. So understanding who will be responsible for patch updates is critical from the security point of view.

8. What are the advanced security options available with web hosting provider?

Check if your Web hosting providers are providing advanced security solutions like:

  • Anti-malware scanning to check for malicious files hosted on your site
  • Web application firewalls (WAF) to filter out malicious attacks against your applications and databases
  •  Blacklist monitoring to alert you when a third party detects a compromise

Logix Infosecurity being into security domain since last 17 years keeps Security as top most priority in Web Hosting Solution. Our customers prefer web hosting solutions from us genuinely because of bundled offerings of Web Hosting, Backup and Advanced Security Solutions.

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