Understanding Simulated Phishing Campaigns with 5 Easy Steps

Simulated Phishing Campaigns To Combat Social Engineering

Simulated phishing campaigns to combat social engineering

Phishing simulation is your tool to prevent your employees from falling victim to social engineering scams. Through repeatedly exposing your employees to simulated phishing campaigns, it teaches your organization to detect and respond to phishing threats in the real world.

But phishing simulation isn’t just a playing ground for running simulated phishing campaigns. It has the ability to teach your employees what details they overlooked in the phishing email, how they could’ve spotted signs of phishing with a more careful eye, and how they should’ve behaved in case they did catch wind of the dummy phishing campaign.

At the end of every simulated phishing campaign, you are armed with measurable data on how many employees fell prey to your purposeful phishing campaign, what were the email open rates, what were response tactics your employees used etc.

With repeated phishing simulation exercises, you can track progress, understand how your employees will fare against actual phishing and social engineering attacks.

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How do simulated phishing campaigns work?

Logix manages the complete end-to-end process of phishing simulation and awareness training. Here’s how we do it for you:

1. You choose from a wide array of templates we have that simulate real-world phishing and social engineering attacks. These templates are expertly crafted to look like valid emails which can trap your employees.

2. We launch the decided email campaign against your target employees. You can organize the recipients into any group as you like.

3. We provide effective security awareness training modules which are triggered right when anyone clicks on your dummy phishing links. This allows you to capitalize on a teachable moment and makes sure your employees remember the training that we provide.

4. After the entire campaign is run, we give you reports from which you can get actionable steps to further improve your cybersecurity.

5. Rinse and repeat does the magic. Launch multiple campaigns and training modules to review whether your employees are faring better with every ‘test’. Slowly, you will start seeing the number of email-opens and clicks reducing as your organization gradually builds immunity to phishing.

We also manage the IP whitelisting needed to make sure our dummy phishing emails don’t get blacklisted by mail servers and ISPs.

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