Top 3 cyber security concepts for 2018

Cyber security is taking a new turn every year. Its very crucial to stay updated with the latest cyber security concepts and solutions to thrive in the market. The 2018 RSA Conference was exceedingly productive and proactive in bringing out latest cyber security concepts instead of relying on the outdated, legacy ones. Here is a list of top 4 security concepts of 2018:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In a higher than ever connected world, security must evolve to stay abreast with current as well as future threats. Machine learning, robots and augmented intelligence are changing the rules of the game. large volumes of data can create a huge difference on how the security system can evolve on its own to keep one step ahead of the sophisticated nature of the cyber-attacks. It speeds up the process of noticing attacks and enables organizations to adopt predictive measures in combating cyber-crimes. AI is the smart move towards protecting business and outsmarting hackers.

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Current cyber attacks are mostly automated and run smartly via machines. If we try to defend these attacks manually, it will be a man versus machine fight, with very less chance for us to win. Hence it is very essential to fight these attacks using the same mechanism as they use. Automation reduces manual efforts and allows faster prevention of new as well as old threats. Automation is a necessity in the areas dealing with threat alerts and software updates.

Vulnerability Assessment

There are many known bugs existing in the systems for years which are always delayed for fixing. These bugs may become the potential entry point for the hackers and can leave the systems damage. Hence, priority should be given to vulnerability assessment and necessary steps should be taken to overcome these bugs with updates.

Vulnerability Assessment


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