In the Tax Filing Season, beware of phishing attacks

Income Tax Returns

Beware of email phishing attacks from hackers while filing your Income Tax Returns.

In email phishing attacks, hackers smartly replace some characters of email address with other look-alike characters.

Observe the below given E-mail addresses:


First one is correct E-mail ID from the IT Dept. but if you observe properly the second one has e missing from efiling and instead filing is spelt as filling.

With the second e-mail address, an email stating that there has been an error in calculating your tax and a refund has to be issued is circulated by hackers. Once you click on the link it will re-direct you to your net banking login page and once you login into it, your bank account will be hacked.

Please ignore such emails. Income tax department will send an intimation about refunds/ payable through a proper notice. If you receive an e-mail or find a website you think is pretending to be of Income Tax Department, forward the e-mail or website URL to A copy may also be forwarded to Income Tax Department have listed here the steps to take in case of such fraudulent emails.

Every person has a right to security, spread this awareness widely to stop others falling prey to hackers traps!

Email scanner and firewalls can prevent from lot of such emails but still victims fall prey to scammers. Logix Infosecurity provides many cyber security tools to counter such challenges. Download this ebook to know some basic tips and tricks to keep your email safe and stay protected.

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