Staying ahead of the Cyber Security curve

Staying Ahead Of The Cyber Security Curve

IoT devices are set to revolutionize our lives. Companies are using IoT devices more than ever with automation and more AI to improve work efficiencies. How can a company ascertain if they are an easy target for cyber criminals? Are they adequately protected from cyber-attacks? is a moot question C-level executives deal with every day. Even the cyber industry leaders must keep upgrading the perimeter to secure their digital assets.

Companies today must strategize cyber security in advance because the threats are growing. We have seen ransomware doing a massive damage with latest almost un-decryptable encryptions in place. A lot of incidents don’t get reported given the brand image of the company but this doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Cyber underworld even has a sophisticated Ransomware-as-a-service model where the ransomware products are shipped on a revenue(ransom) sharing model. To be able to combat something so advanced the measure have to well-planned and executed before turning a victim, that is being the part of action rather than reaction!


Key facts related to cyber security worldwide. (Multiple sources)

Important actions which should be taken

At the C-level companies need to draft and administer sounds cyber security policies that promote resilience and defensive network usage. Every employee shares the responsibility and can help to make the system more secure.
1. Segmentation: It is always a good strategy to segment the usage. For example, companies can have an entirely different wi-fi or network system for devices not carrying sensitive information.
2. Awareness: At the individual, level the more aware the user is, the better is the security. Reporting incidents should be a part of internal functioning.
3. Mulit-factor authentications to be able to access sensitive information especially if there is a remote access possible to the server.
4. Regularly updating security software and using the best available resources be it cloud or network.
5. Identifying GEMS(information) and securing them.

How can Logix Infosecurity help?

Are you also thinking about how IoT Cyber Security threats can cause an alarming situation for you? Could your organization be vulnerable to cyber-attack? What is your company’s current exposure? How will your company function if there is a cyber-attack? Logix experts will help you understand your company’s cyber security needs better and help you strategize security measures for a sustained and efficient work environment.

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