5 Common Security mistakes that is putting your privacy at risks in 2019

Security Mistakes

How secure is your data? Ask yourself this question before it is too late to make amends. In order to protect the sensitive data of your company, it is very much essential to get rid of common security mistakes.

Here are 5 common security mistakes that happen throughout the globe putting your privacy at risk. Neglecting these points will increase chances for hackers to hack into your system and harm your privacy.

  1. Not Updating your Anti-Malware

Having good Anti-Malware software plays a key role in maintaining privacy. But just keeping them isn’t enough; you have to keep them UPDATED. Updating is very important because updated versions will keep you ahead of the latest threats in the market. Once a threat or infection has entered your systems, your Anti-Malware software is the one who will fight with it and not let it harm your system and its data.


  1. Using pen drives, mobiles and other devices

In many companies for highly secure data, the systems are not connected to the internet itself. They often rely on closed- circuit intranet for data sharing and communication. And then many times employees use pen drives, mobiles etc devices for data transfer. There are many viruses which are piggybacked in such devices and can bring down the whole network within no time. Hence in order to decrease security mistakes using such devices is highly not recommended.


  1. Not Using Firewall

Very few companies pay attention to configuring their firewalls right. Only Anti-Malware is enough to maintain the security of private contents- is a very wrong belief. Firewall is must in order to filter out all non-needed traffic from the network. Even at a deeper level, the type of packets received by your system can be managed using firewall configurations. In order to keep your private data safe and keep away from malicious infections and malware setting up a firewall is of great help.


  1. Not changing default passwords

Keeping tricky passwords is very essential especially when the data privacy is of utmost importance. People tend to keep default passwords as is and never bother to change them. This can be a great entry point for the hackers out there in order to enter your system. The brutal IoT DDoS cyber attack of October 21, 2016, was a cause of this carelessness.


  1. Unsafe emails

Emails have always been and even are used more for business communications. It’s a great means for a hacker to enter your system putting your privacy at risk. Thus, it is wise to adhere to email security best practices:

  • Always keep spam protection enabled for your email client or service.
  • Avoid opening emails with fishy email addresses unless it is an email you are expecting.
  • Be very careful with opening attachments in emails. Do not open if they are not expected.
  • Avoid clicking random links in emails, without being cent percent sure about it.
  • Avoid giving any personal information over email communication.


Taking utmost care of the above common security mistake will ensure data privacy of your company. Missing any one of the above points is like an invitation to a privacy breach. As it is said taking precautions is always better than cure. Avoid these mistakes and Stay SAFE!


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