Logix is a Microsoft Gold Partner in India

Logix Microsoft Gold Partner

What are our offerings as a Microsoft Gold Partner?

For some time now, the corporate sector has been all about collaboration. Even before the pandemic began, corporates were keen to shift as much of their work on the cloud as possible. This allowed for remote access, enterprise messaging, offsite collaboration, and easy access for employees outside of the work quarters. One of the go-to brands for people looking for cloud services is Microsoft. Surely, Microsoft provides some of the most powerful features under its umbrella product of Office 365. With MS O365, you get real-time joint editing, planning and scheduling options, and possibly the most intuitive mailboxes. With Microsoft Office 365, you can simply do more. Logix, being in the messaging and collaboration domain for over 20 years, is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner in India.

With our gold partnership, we get the privilege to add more value to our customers.

Let us understand what it means to be a Microsoft Gold Partner.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

Microsoft Gold Partners are certified organizations that have committed to work in collaboration with Microsoft. Such organizations have the added autonomy to work on existing Microsoft offerings and plug their independent features. For customers who buy from Gold partners in India, this means complimentary features, customized services, and more robust designs.

Becoming A Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft determines the partnership level (gold or silver) after determining an organization’s competency and industry performance. After its assessment, Microsoft then grants each partner a set of privileges. Getting certified for gold partnership is definitely a test of an organization’s standing in the industry. Logix is proud to have achieved Gold partnership, as it is an automatic seal of approval from Microsoft. As a Gold partner, an organization gets the following added benefits: –

  • Participation in a wider partner network.
  • Steady and trustworthy customer support.


What additional features do you get from Logix’s Office 365 solution?

As a Microsoft Gold partner in India, we are dedicated to use the privileges we get from Microsoft to provide the most value to our customers. With us, you get a better Quality of Service and technical efficiency. Primary benefits includes – Business enterprises get exclusive offers & best pricing for Office 365 service

For more details, check view our O365 Service Page.

We also assist in –

  • Identity management: It is important for organisations to understand the users / devices being connected to the corporate / cloud network and confirm if the authorised devices are only getting connected to the network and accessing applications.

Logix helps organisations in deploying Active Directory on Cloud and builds a platform to deploy Identity management for users and devices.

  • With the present trend of onboarding users on O365 and providing them option of sharing documents and emails over One Drive and Teams, organisations are looking for better control on the corporate data that is being accessed and shared.

Logix has been deploying solutions with the O365 platform to implement Data integrity and Rights management solution, which gives the control to organisation on the documents that are being shared with the external world.

  • Our expertise lies in building customized solutions on Azure and SharePoint based on the customer’s business requirement.


Beyond just Email, Office 365 brings together the best collaboration tools by combining best-in-class apps with powerful cloud services that lets anyone create and collaborate seamlessly anywhere on any device of their choice

Logix online Portal – eShop, helps simplify the purchase of Office 365 products as per your requirement.

View our Office 365 deployment plans.

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