Malware In Fake Income Tax Emails


Beware of Malware – It could be hiding in imposter income tax return emails!

The internet has enabled individuals and companies to explore, innovate and expand. But it has also made life easier for scammers, malware attackers and hackers as their victims are more accessible to them than ever.  

Recently, a malware was found in emails disguised as emails from the Indian Income Tax Department. This malware is taking advantage of the recipient’s worries about the status of their business with the department. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has stated that “A phishing and malware campaign is active since at least September 12 and is targeting individuals as well as financial organizations. The campaign involves fake emails purporting to be sent from the Indian Income Tax Department,” 

According to the advisory, two variants of the emails have been found. One of them has an attachment containing an .img file containing a malicious .pif file. In the second variant, the worried recipient is lured into downloading a .pif file hosted on a fraudulent domain. However, this domain has now been disabled. Some of the samples of these fraud emails have the following subject lines: 

  • “Important: Income Tax Outstanding Statements A.Y 2017-2018” 
  • Income Tax Statement XML PAN XXX895X.pif 
  • Income Tax Statement XML.img 
  • Income Tax Statement XXX8957X.pif  


CERT cautioned users against opening documents from untrusted sources and to disable running macros in MS Office. It also strongly advised users to not open attachments in unsolicited e-mails even if they come from people in your contact lists and emphasized the importance of never clicking on a URL contained in unsolicited e-mails. 

Safeguard your inbox from spam and cyber-attacks; this will help strengthen your business and networks. 

 This has become a need of the time for every organization as well as for individuals all around the world. Emails are the often targeted as the point of entry by most cyber-criminals, as they have a lot of importance in the day-to-day working of the organization. It is vital to plug in potential security leaks by fortifying your email security. 


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