Introducing Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan (BPSSS)

Introducing Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan (Bpsss)

The Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan (BPSSS) is an admirable organization working passionately to lend a hand to those who desperately need it. BPSSS has been an unwavering part of Logix’s social journey, and their work is certainly commendable.


Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan is a social organization body from Kota Rajasthan, committed towards betterment of underprivileged citizens in rural India. The trust has been organizing regular activities like health check-ups, hygiene awareness, education program, food kit and basic amenities donation drive to the needy people from the remote areas.

The Trust is being headed by Dr V.K.Chaturvedi ( Ex CMD of NPCIL) who was awarded  PadamShri by Govt of India in year 2001 and has also received Mewar Award for his outstanding work during his tenure at NPCIL, Rawatbhata . Their team of people consist of Doctors, Engineers, MBAs, Retired Government Officials, Private Companies, and Top Management Executives. These dedicated members are working for the last ten years in Rajasthan (Hadoti Region) and Madhya Pradesh (Guna Region) in the Education & Healthcare Sector.

Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan also organizes regular Health Check-ups, Operations, Awareness and Talk shows with the help of different social organization and institutions.

BPSSS is receiving help from Lyra Network India & Kinker Laproscopy & I.V.F. Hospital, and Jodo Foundation which is considered as one of the leading Hospitals in Hadoti, Rajasthan.

Some of their initiatives

Their main focus has been to contribute to the progress of Rural families in Chittorgarh, Balkot, and other targeted regions in and around Rajasthan.

They are aiming towards progress right from the basic needs such as food and nutrition to the more advanced needs like computers and technology.

Till date, they have completed several food donation drives, nutritional kit disbursement, and also computer and laptop awareness & distribution campaigns.

They also work in education and have distributed educational books to several young kids from Rajasthan. Their aim is to make this youth competent in language, communication, and basic skills.

BPSSS initiatives have touched more than thousands of families in rural Rajasthan. Logix is thankful to be associated with this organization and is proud to have assisted in 3 successful campaigns with them.

Connect with BPSSS

If you want to take up corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Bharat Param Sneh Seva Sansthan will welcome you with open arms. Whether it is at a personal level OR an organizational level.

They are very accessible and are run by team members who are all equally zealous about their cause.  Connecting with them is easy.

Connect with BPSSS on LinkedIn:


Contact them by phone: +91 9594889197

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