India’s IoT Deployments suffered 22% more cyberattacks in Q2


IoT deployments in India received the maximum number of attacks from a few geographies in Central Europe. These attacks were originating from a few botnets in the region. As per the Subex report, these attacks had strong geo-political influence, showing a trend that’s increasingly pointing towards electronic warfare. These attacks were also of reconnaissance type, mostly aimed at getting strategic data. During the quarter, the researchers registered 33,450 high-grade attacks, 500 of which were very high sophistication.

“The threat intelligence compiled points to a high level of hackerinterest in projects in India and this is indeed a matter of concern,” P. Vinod Kumar, CEO, Subex, said in a statement. The study identified over 2,550 unique malware samples in the country. Internet of Things (IoT) projects are being targeted at the proof of concept stages itself and many malware samples isolated showed a tendency to persist and listen to the network traffic.

Increase in the number of attacks with geopolitical motivation is also a trend, the study reported. The attacks originated in European countries such as Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia predominantly and were aimed at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in India. Mexico and Brazil fall next in the order of top origins of malware attacks. Malwares such as Backdoor, Botnet and Password stealers were the common malware categories and their variants like Mirai, Torii and ADB. Miner were common variants. According to experts in the industry, these could cause severe downtime if left unchecked and the loss could be in several millions of dollars.

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