India ranks second in cyber attacks with 38 attacks per second

The Rising And Falling Cyber Security Trends In 2018

India is a country with the second-largest number of account take-over logins – close to 1.38 lakh login’s per hour in 2018 cited by ‘Credential Stuffing: Attacks and Economies’, a 2018 Akamai report.

An Account Take Over (ATO) occurs when a stolen login and password combination is used to access multiple accounts using bots. Remember those unsolicited SMS alerts you get saying “xxxxxx is your Facebook / Google recovery code”? That happens when someone is attempting to hack your login.
“The USA saw more ATO’s than the combined total of next nine countries – nearly 1.43 million ATO logins per hour.” as per the report. Most of the credential stuffing tools are developed in the USA. It has become one of the most popular tool of hacking because often people tend to use the same username or password or both for multiple login accounts.

Most of the ATO attacks targeted media organisations, gaming and entertainment industries because these are the some of the major industries storing personal details, especially credit and debit card details.

Tips to avoid ATO Attacks:

  1. Keep unique username and password for each of your accounts rather than repeating them for multiple accounts.

2. Take prompt action on receiving new account login update when you haven’t actually logged it.

3. Activate 2Factor authentication in all your accounts for extra safety.

4. Passwords should be a combination of special characters, capital letters and small letters so they are hard to hack.

Security is an evolving process. It must always keep abreast with the latest trends and updates. Logix Infosecurity deploys latest cloud security and advanced threat protection software so that the critical confidential data stays safe. We work on continuously updating the software as cyber criminals are changing their methods.

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