Is implementing DMARC a cake walk or a tedious job?

It is a cliché in IT industry for people to judge software or a protocol even before using it. Many say implementing DMARC is a tedious job and so we are just good without it while there are others with the perspective and implementing DMARC is like a piece of cake and it is must to protect your organization from numerous Domain Spoofing Attacks.

The foremost step in DMARC implementation is to identify all domains being used by your company. In a SMB, this task may not be very tedious and the number of company domains is less but in a big organization this initial step may be very tedious. However, the protection that DMARC provides to your email infrastructure is by all means worth taking the tedious first step.

Once you have identified all your company domains, add all these to safe DNS record pool. Next step is the most crucial step in DMARC, generating a DMARC record for your domains. Once you generate DMARC record and configure it properly with the help of your DNS provider. Now you will receive detailed DMARC reports in your email.

This data can be further used to analyze email streams and avoid any domain spoofing attacks. It will make sure that all your outbound email sources are authentication properly.

There are stages in DMARC implementation process where it becomes a little tedious, but once it is all set, it will ensure safety of your Domain from the intruders who misuse it to send spam bulk emails.

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