What to expect new in cyber security trends in 2017

Cyber Security Trends In 2017

In 2016 Spoofing, ransomware, phishing, and IoT-based DDoS attacks hit business and consumers. What to expect now in cyber security trends in 2017?

    1. Automated Threats

We have already seen the drastic change in terms of bots for example chatbots. There is a possibility that malware will be also designed  as bots which can be more adaptive and operate autonomously using machine learning to bring out innovative cyber  attacks. Instead of being automated they will behave like humans. The malware may use complex decision-making and prediction techniques to analyse offensive intelligence based on environment.

  2. IoT : New area to explore for Cyber Criminals

Internet of Things is coming up with a big storm in terms of innovation. According to Gartner, more than 20 billion IoT devices are expected to be connected by 2020, and Security – Cybercrime are going to be a big challenge with these kinds of environment. As a result, there is an increased pressure on IoT Manufacturers.

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3. Cloud Attacks :

Though cloud providers are coming up more layers of security but cyber attackers will take advantage of client-side exploits, targeting endpoint devices.

4. New Target : Smart cities

For better management of natural resources and improved services to citizens, cities are grasping smarter technology. From intelligent traffic controls to interconnected building automation, this new technology is creating a new, massive attack areas. Hackers may see a growing interest in these targets and be looking for ways to ask ransom by encrypting different smart cities technology.

5. Ransomware Boom:

Ransomware attacks continued to increase rapidly across 2016.According to Beazley Report, the trend was particularly pronounced in the financial services, retail and hospitality sectors. Ransom demands remain small, averaging just $1,000. Ransomware may continue to rise with innovative techniques and may cause an alarming situation across industries.

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If we missed any cyber security trends in 2017 you may share with us in the comment section and share your views.

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