The Disturbing Cybercrime Statistics in India

Cybercrime Statistics

Cybercrime Statistic Reports Paint A Worrisome Picture

Cybercrime statistics for 2019 have been publicised, and the statistics are definitely not pleasing. While on the one hand they motivate security providers like us to work harder, they also paint a picture that does not at all correlate to the collective efforts poured towards raising citizen awareness and offering security training exercises.

Let’s Talk Numbers

The cybercrime unit has been able to solve around 14% of the overall 2,518 incidences reported in 2019. This is a serious 6% drop from the year before. However, pushing up against these statistics is the growing rate of cybercrime for 2019. Where the final figure was 1,375 cases in 2018, the appalling number for 2019 was over 2,518 cases, signifying an 83% rise in the crime rate. A big fret for the cyber task force is the number of victims who’ve fallen prey to card banking and net-banking facilities.

Experts give their take on the matter

Security experts believe the current anti-crime mechanisms in place need to go through a meticulous scrutiny. Are they up to the mark? Will they hold up to the evolving nature of cyber threat? These are the questions to be answered. Another matter to be considered is the staffing scenario of the cybercrime unit.

“At present, cops who are put there are transferred every two years. This practice will not solve the purpose of cracking cybercrime cases, which are of a technical nature.”

D Sivanandan, Former Commissioner

According to Mr. Sivanandan, tech-savvy people with professional degrees in IT or computer science should be considered for a position in the cyber police station. This makes sense as it will be easier for such people to reverse-engineer the threats and find out preemptive countermeasures. However, the current staffing also takes in non-specialists and positions are decided on a rotation basis.

To combat the situation, Balsingh Rajput, Superintendent of Police (State Cyber) said that the cyber unit has moved to a 4-pillar structure, the pillars being: technology, processes, human resources, and coordination.

“These measurements will help in an improvement in dealing with cases.”

Balsingh Rajput

Logix Weighs In

Logix is a leading Information Technology company with commanding expertise & proven track record in providing Messaging & Collaboration, Email Security & Cybersecurity solutions to over 2100 business enterprises ranging from SMB, PSU, BFSI, Govt & Large Enterprise Customer. Working across such a wide spectrum of domains for a period of 20 years, we come across cases and requirements that give us an insight into the world of cybercrime. Hence, we maintain a certain set of cut and dry procedures for maximum security:

  1. Identify the trend

We are eager to continuously update our offerings to match the current persistent threat. Right now, email seems to be the major point of entry for intruders. Hence we have updated our arsenal of email security services to protect your mailbox. We use a rule-based system to filter out spam emails and potential threats, and can also identify whether the email truly originated from the address in the sender’s section using DMARC.


  1. Spread Awareness

We frequently update our blog with latest news and incidents in the world of cybersecurity. We have also posted a blog on the Best Practices for online security. We will be posting more such articles so your organization can get access to the techniques you can use to bulletproof yourself.


  1. Make Procurement Simpler

Security is a sensitive issue. We believe the process of becoming fully secure should be as hassle-free as possible. Our eShop makes your procurement process simple and devoid of any hurdles.


  1. Teamwork

We provide 24*7 support and handhold you through any and all queries you might face.


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