Cyber threats may wreak Havoc by 2020


India will face increasingly sophisticated “destructive” cyber threats as compared to the current scenario which is adding up to 200 million, malware related and 1,90,000 unique, intrusion related attacks in any given week. Gulshan Rai Indian cyber security chief briefed the Parliament’s finance standing committee that the cyber-attacks of nuisance and viruses of 2000’s have evolved swiftly to dangerous, sophisticated and destructive attacks by 2020.

The government- both Centre and states – is the main target of cyber-attacks, motives ranging from theft, espionage and data extraction to counterfeiting exist. In 2015 and 2016, the government sector accounted for 27% and 29% of all cyber-attacks, as was informed by the chief of the Indian computer emergency response team (ICERT).

We have already seen the havoc Chinese fireball malware was capable of causing, we have seen the JNPT disruption, we have also seen the Aadhar data breach reports in past couple of months. Recently there was a data breach reported by one of the leading telco’s in the country. The point to ponder here is that if corporates with all the available resources aren’t safe how will other smaller units cope up with the defense mechanism.

Sometime ago we had also seen card data leakage from a leading bank database. Given the govt of India is pitching for higher digital transactions, e-governance and increasing internet penetration with 4G, India as a nation, needs more secure measures to keep safeguard. The incidence of e-transaction in India are rising logging to 2 billion such transactions a day and 54 billion worldwide.

Gartner predicts that- “Through 2020, zero-day vulnerabilities will play a role in less than 0.1% of attacks in general, excluding sensitive government targets.It’s easy to get caught up in the notion of zero-day attack, but the vast majority of attacks that are successful exploit well-known vulnerabilities. Zero-day attacks are what people tend to worry about, but it’s not a typical case. It’s important that security teams combat existing vulnerabilities and ensure basic security is effective”.

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