Cloud based security and analytics is the key to network protection

Cloud based security and analytics is a service model in which a key element of security or data analytics is provided through public or private cloud. Cloud analytics typically works on subscription pricing model or utility model (pay-per-use) pricing model. Key elements which make a service cloud analytics as per Gartner are-

  • Data sources
  • Data models
  • Processing applications
  • Computing power
  • Analytic models
  • Sharing or storage of results

Availability of any one or more of the 6 parameters can be attributed to cloud-based analytics.Cloud analytics and security management is perfect security management solution for customers who want an affordable initial investment, no deployment or maintenance overhead, that is easy to use and access.

Protecting the network is sacrosanct for any organization. Cloud analytics help organization get the most advanced technologies to do the job and make actionable metric available to CISO’s to justify costs, understand protection levels and scope for improvement.

Network Analytics is not same as monitoring the network. Currently Network monitoring can be done by different data points as inputs such as-

  • Actual data packets generated by real clients
  • Synthetic data packets generated by simulated clients
  • Real-time metrics and traps from infrastructure
  • Logs/configuration from infrastructure and servers
  • Flow data from infrastructure
  • APIs from application servers

But none of this gives insights on decision making or threat intelligence.

Key benefits of a Cloud based analytics system

  • Real time system and traffic monitoring- The security and analytics are centrally managed therefore can be deployed on any hardware which is being used and can be deployed virtually or in perimeter, server front or in the cloud.
  • Comprehensive log retention and monitoring at fraction of a cost.
  • In-depth threat analysis and monitoring- The service typically has a global view of security and is in better position to provide actionable intelligence, monitor network health as well as get notified of dangers in real time. Also, the analytics, typically uses Machine learning technologies driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence makes cloud-based system more effective in network security or threat intelligence.

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