Features of Cisco Email ATP

Features Of Cisco Email Atp

Cisco provides one of the strongest email security solutions available today. In our blog on Cisco IronPort offering, we discussed some of the benefits you’ll get if you acquire Cisco Email ATP services (also called as IronPort) from Logix. A dedicated Cisco tool from Logix brings you bundled services of DMARC + Bulk Email, along with optional feature of Data Loss Prevention and Email Encryption. In this blog, we go over the impressive features of Cisco Email ATP which make it the solution it is today.

Talos Threat Intelligence

Talk about comprehensive! Talos threat intelligence fights threats in real time, using an all-inclusive network which covers web url requests, email communication, several strains of malware, endpoint device data points, and network threats. Because IronPort’s Talos is exposed to such a wide array of vulnerabilities, it knows how to tackle threats most other email security systems aren’t even aware of.

Reputation Filtering / URL Rewriting – Don’t waste time guessing threats

Wouldn’t it be great if your email ATP solution could automatically block email threats?  You’djust have to setup the tool and let it work its magic. IronPort’s Talos makes this possible. Using AI/ML technologies, IronPort analyses each url embed that appears in an email. After a thorough reputation check, it can determine if a link is malicious. As it gets exposed to more and more emails, it actually improves itself and becomes a smarter email security tool.

Safe Prints

Phishing attacks work using either malicious links to spoofed pages or malware-infested documents that activate when you open and interact with them. Using URL rewriting, you’re safe from dangerous links. And the Safe Prints feature has you covered with dicey attachments. All Microsoft Documents and attachments are scanned on arrival. If an attachment is deemed as suspicious, Cisco Email ATP will pre-process it and instead deliver a safe print version of the attachment to the recipient. Potential threats will never even enter your organization, let alone cause damage.

Identifying Domain Fraud

Domain Fraud is becoming increasingly common. Cousin domain spoofing is one of the go-to tools of hackers wanting to carry out BEC and phishing attacks. Confusing, purposely misspelled domains (supp0rt instead of support) are overlooked by the human eye. But not by Cisco Email ATP. It can identify cousin domain spoofing. Also, it uses domain aging – how recently a domain was created – to identify if a very recent domain is sending emails. These are typically the domains hackers temporarily create just for phishing. Widely-known misused domains are blacklisted right off, and other low-repute domains are also treated with suspicion.

There you have it. These were just four of the most useful features of an Email ATP solution that has lots more to offer. Like what you’ve read so far? Start off 2021 with a FREE 30-Day Trial of Cisco Email ATP. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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