5 Must Security Precautions while using third party softwares

The default Operating systems are becoming more and more resistant to attacks and hence most of the attacks take place via using third party softwares. A lot of exploits are caused by third-party plugins, even the standard ones java, adobe reader, Flash.

When you use a third party software, be it a freeware or commercialized software, you need to be ultra cautious. Research has shown that maximum attacks take place via using third party softwares still companies take very few measures to prevent them.

Thus it is highly advisable to establish some basic cyber security concerns while using third party softwares. Here are the 5 must cyber security precautions you must take while using any third party softwares:

  1. Define acceptable cyber security levels

First define exactly what is the expected cyber security levels you are yearning from any third party software. Draw in the compliance requirements and check for them first before using any third party software.

  1. Test the third party software

Test the third party software against your compliance policy for vulnerabilities. Work with all partners and vendors in order to check their softwares and only then bring them to your network.

  1. Be Updated and request patches

Many a times library updates for third party softwares are ignored because the organization’s software needs rework to be compatible with it. This can lead to a highly dangerous scenario of the vulnerabilities being used against you leading to a data breach.

It is also advisable to report any security flaw in third party softwares, if you stumble upon one and request for a security patch as a immediate solution.

  1. Track all the Updates

It’s a high time to have all updates being tracked automatically and in case of any controversies to the company policies, roll back to the previous version. All this can be done in an automated fashion in order to avoid human error.

Time and again it is experienced that hackers get into the network via third party softwares and steal the sensitive information of the organizations. Whatever be the cause of cyber attack, ultimately it is your business at stake. So it’s always better to take extra precautions rather than regret later.

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