Zimbra Mail Policy Server

Policy Server

An admin can perform several tasks including setting up policy rules for incoming/ outgoing emails.
Policy Server


View domain information, associated email accounts, enabled/disabled rules.
Dashboard Server Policy

Policy Types

Block policies

That place a restriction on the normal flow of emails e.g., Email Size Restriction

Modification policies

That modify an email before it is sent out to a recipient(s) (e.g., Auto Signature)

Supported Policies

The following policies can be set on email activity at the user/group/domain level
Supported Policies


View existing rules, configure new rules using the Add Rule editor.
Rules Server Policy
Rule Configuration Server Policy

Sample Rule Configuration - Who to Whom

Property Description
Rule Label e.g., Mktg_To_Customer
Priority 1 – indicating this rule will fire first
From/To From: Group: mktg@logix.in.

To: Domain: google.com
 (i.e., ALL emails sent outbound from members of the mktg@logix.in group to any email address in the google.com domain will cause this policy to fire.

Reverse Direction Unchecked – This means the rule will only be applied to outbound emails.
Action Discard and notify the administrator.
Exception Ceo@logix.in  – The ceo email address is exempt from this rule. Emails sent by this email address will not trigger the policy rule.

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