Zimbra Access Control


Are you a Zimbra domain administrator looking for the following:
  • More out-of-box email features than what the default admin panel offers?
  • A simple web interface to restrict the IP addresses from which a user can access email via these mechanisms?

    • IMAP
    • POP
    • Mobile devices (with ActiveSync)
    • Webmail
    • Mass (Bulk) ADD users for the above policies

The Zimbra NGX Admin Panel has you covered!  The Access Control Policy Server allows you to set several individual/bulk email access policies with the click of a mouse.

Zimbra Access Control Intro Image

Supported Policies

The domain administrator can build a protocol specific policy to restrict the end-users email access from specific IP addresses.

Sample Access Policy Configuration – IMAP (Per-user)

For each domain administered by an admin, a policy can be set restricting domain users from accessing their email via IMAP clients from specific IP addresses.
Imap Zimbra Access Control

An Allow List of IP addresses can be created easily for any user of the domain.

Access Control Allow List

Sample Access Policy Configuration – POP (Bulk)

The same set of policies can be applied in bulk to a large set of users.
Pop Access Control Zimbra

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