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Endpoint Security

What is Endpoint Security?

Every organization has digital devices which help them connect and communicate with IT networks, these devices include – Laptops, Computer desktops, mobile phones, tablets, network printer, IoT devices, and many more.

Endpoints, whether you are using from your home or from work have to be provided with access to data networks for the different activities, maybe with relevant privilege rights to access the designated network/application servers. Cybercriminals use different sorts of techniques to exploit the vulnerabilities of the digital devices with an intent to control endpoint and get access to the sensitive information, as per the privileges assigned.

Business all around needs to take this into account and add a layer of protection for these endpoints which are a valuable target now.

Why does it matter?

  • As organizations are enabling their workforce to connect to the business applications and data, it has become more important to secure the endpoints, regardless of where they are.
  • With the BYOD concept, there is an addition of a huge number of devices to the enterprise ecosystem.
  • Most of the business activities are carried over mobile phones which are increasingly connected to networks and are at high risk of exposure to cyber threats.

Endpoint security is an important element in cybersecurity space. Threats have grown much more than the viruses, and with a plethora of endpoints connected to networks the attack surface has grown far beyond what it was earlier. Today’s End Point Security deals with a massive array of known and unknown threats.

end point security

Stop threats before they reach your endpoints

Endpoint security plays a crucial role in protecting devices and networks from attacks. To secure your endpoint and protect your data, you need to implement the right endpoint security solutions.By investing in such a solution, you get a deeper insight, control, and defense against the threats.

Role of Logix


  • An overall perspective will be considered for the product to have intelligence in understanding the behavior anomaly on the endpoint devices and then accordingly Logix can help you mitigate these impending threats on the endpoint and to the digital network of the organization.
  • Logix will consult you on the best in class portfolios available today in the market with an aim to simplify your concern areas and optimize your security technologies.
  • Logix works with Cisco, Sophos, Fortinet, Trend Micro, and McAfee to help you securely connect with your workforce so that they work from any place, any device, and any time.
  • Unmatched 24 X 7 Support, handholding all customers during implementation, migration & post-sales support. Technical support is also provided by our certified Engineers.
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Check Logix Cybersecurity overview to know more on Consulting, Implementation, Solution designing & Migration

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