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VolumeMail SMTP – Bulk Email Services

On an average, only 75% of bulk emails reach the inbox of the intended recipient. The remaining 25% bulk mails are either filtered or blocked by mailbox providers and filtering software. Some factors which cause these blocks include:

• Senders IP reputation
• Email volume
• Email content

• Sender’s compliance
• Recipient’s Activity
Email authentication

22% of opt-in emails never make it to the recipient’s mailbox.

Email deliverability failure takes place when your message is either routed to the junk/bulk folder of your recipient’s mailbox or blocked by an ISP, never to be seen again. We understand how critical Guaranteed Inbox Delivery is for you.

VolumeMail SMTP – Transaction Bulk Email Solution

Our economical bulk email solution built to deliver marketing and transactional emails directly to your intended recipient’s inbox subject to a valid genuine opt-in database.

Consolidate all your email delivery with VolumeMail SMTP to save money and eliminate the need to manage multiple vendors.

VolumeMail SMTP - Bulk Email Services

1,200.00380,000.00 per yearSelect options

VolumeMail SMTP - Monthly Subscription

VolumeMail SMTP – Monthly Subscription

Now plan your mass / bulk emails activities using Logix Volume Mail SMTP by paying Monthly for Yearly Subscription.

Depending on your requirements or campaigns, you can plan email campaigns.

The plan helps you handle your bulk/mass emails with less cost and total email deliverability.


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Key Highlights

100% Guaranteed email delivery to the inbox of your valid genuine database of customers, giving you the expected ROI.

Gain powerful insight into the performance of your email via the VolumeMail SMTP API and statistics dashboard.

Track email requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, unsubscribe, category tracking and more in real-time.

Dedicated IP’s allotted exclusively for VolumeMail SMTP activities thus reducing the risk of IP’s getting blacklisted and very low spam rates.

Important Note: VolumeMail SMTP service cannot be availed by those bulk email sender who do not have a valid Opt-in List.

Getting Started With Bulk Emails With Logix

Why Go With Logix Bulk Email Services?

Lower Cost, Easy Updates, Rapid Implementation

Easy to integrate API including simple SMTP Auth

Less hassle of managing internal SMTP servers

Service Add-on: 24 X 7 Support

Support available through Online Portal, Email and Call.

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