Webinar – Persistent Threats on Web-based Applications

Webinar - Persistent Threats On Website

Web-based critical applications are of utmost importance to organizations and your website is the gateway to the online worldHowever, your websites don’t have any inherent security mechanisms that can protect against cyber threats. Web applications have become the #1 target for the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Your online presence is constantly vulnerable to persistent threats, and you need to know how to safeguard against them.

On an average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day.

Is your website safe or are there vulnerabilities you have missed?

Logix along with SiteWALL, an industry-leading Web Application Firewall, is hosting a webinar titled “Persistent Threats on Website”We invite you to learn how a managed service like SiteWALL protects your web-based business applications from ever-evolving threats & the Internet’s worst vulnerabilities.
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When: 25th Feb 2021 | 4 PM – 5 PM
What will the webinar cover:

  • Current threats on a website and how they can be fatal to business.
  • Understanding attackers’ mindset and how hacks are carried out.
  • Why a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a must in your security arsenal.

Exciting things planned which you should not miss:

  • There will be a Live Demonstration on Hacking!
  • A chance to get a FREE assessment of your website.

Understanding why & how hackers target websites

Most websites today don’t just serve the purpose of displaying static information. A majority of the sites are dynamic in nature and have multiple interactive elements like payment gateways, account handling, appointment scheduling etc. All of this is juicy data hackers would love to get their hands on.
In our webinar on persistent threats, we will cover the following motivations behind any hacking attempts:

  1. Illegal access to resources
  2. Monetary gain
  3. Hacktivism & Boredom

We will also discuss the common methodologies of a cyber including:

  1. Scan websites for security gaps
  2. Identify vulnerabilities present in websites
  3. Inject their own malicious code
  4. Take control of the website
  5. Host and distribute malware using the website / Defacement of the website’s brand image.

Our answer to this issue: SiteWALL Website Security

SiteWALL is enterprise-class website security and DDoS protection tool. Using active threat intelligence, it can ward off persistent threats. It scans for threats in real-time, while user interaction is going on. SiteWALL has efficient reporting tools as well, making it a complete solution to your web security problems.
Looking forward to having you in our webinar!

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