Large Microfinance Company Adopted Acronis Endpoint Backup & Server Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Large Microfinance Company Turned To Acronis Endpoint Backup And Server Ccb

A leading microfinance company has elevated its data protection by choosing Acronis Cloud for endpoint security and Azure server backups. Logix, as an Acronis managed service provider, seamlessly implemented and manages the backups for this company.

How do you benefit with Acronis Endpoint Backup?

Acronis backup allows granular recovery, letting you restore specific files, folders, or data items

It Allow multiple iterations with a flexible retention period. Whether it’s your local disks, network attached storage, or USB drives – Acronis supports it all, with no limitations.

Server Backup Plan:

  • Database backup.
  • File servers backup.
  • Images backup.
  • All above based on workload and space consumption.

Overall, Acronis Cloud offers efficient security for large businesses. Know more about how it could benefit your business.

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