Crimson Interactive takes a leap, shifts from GSuite to Cloud Zimbra

Cloud Zimbra Vps

Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. is a leading academic & scientific language solutions provider to researchers, individuals and corporate worldwide handling technical and scientific documents across subject areas and employs more 200 editors across the globe since 2005.Their earlier Email setup consisted of Google cloud & On Premise Zimbra Open source email server for multiple domains. Crimson Interactive’s concerns rose when they realised that customisation / modification is not possible in Google. It was overall a costly solution with lack of strong technical support, lot of outbound email issues and blocking of their outgoing emails many times due to global limits of Google & many more.After consulting the Customer we proposed our dedicated Cloud Zimbra Virtual Private Server (VPS).
This gave them better control over their own email communication, flexible Editions to choose from & better support along with strong Cloud Email security with ATP that safeguards them from Advanced Malware, Ransomware & many more email threats.
As Crimson Interactive is in the business of documentation and relied heavily on Email Communication( sending out huge sized attachments) , they preferred Logix to provide a Stable, Secure, Reliable Cloud Zimbra VPS solution along with  Round the Clock availability of 24*7 Technical Support.
If your Organisation is facing a space crunch & wants  a Scalable solution like Cloud Zimbra VPS for your growing needs , Feel free to reach on for a quick solution.

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