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As email becomes more and more critical for businesses, it also becomes more vulnerable. Day by day, the attacks made on the email servers of companies calls for no less than the best email security solution. Armed with a deep expertise and real-case experience dealing with evolving email threats, we have forged our Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection into the most tenacious and robust email protection tool you can have.

Features of Cloud Email ATP

An email protection solution is only useful if:

  1. It blocks known & unknown threats, specially advanced threats
  2. Not only threat detection but also acts on different set of possible threats
  3. It gives you deep insights into your email traffic so you can adjust and reconfigure for the best email security.

Even if one of these prerequisites is missing, something remains incomplete. To make sure our email security solution does not suffer from any gaps, we have fortified Cloud Email ATP with automated email scanning, regular reports, and protection against the major dangerous email threats.

Logix Email security solution has an Advanced Threat Protection capabilities that provide you a comprehensive protection against sophisticated email attacks.

It also takes into account domain reputation, allowing it to remain abreast of well-known spammers and hackers.

Combat newer threats with Logix Email Advanced Threat Protection, the security solution gives you:

  1. Quarantine Management
  2. Sandboxing   
  3. Zero Hour Protection
  4. 99.99% uptime guarantee
  5. Mailbox protection against business email compromise, phishing, all forms of malware
Benefits Of Our Email Security Solution

To know more on the email threat matrix for Logix Email ATP, kindly write to

Get the best email security solution online in 5 Simple Steps

Purchasing Cloud Email ATP online is simple. Just follow these 5 steps to enjoy the best email protection.

Buy Email Security Solution Online
  1. Visit the Logix eShop
  2. From the sidebar, click on Logix Cloud Email ATP under Email Security Offerings
  3. Enter the domain name for your email domain
  4. Choose the number of users you want to purchase the product for
  5. Complete the purchase process

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