Office 356 Kiosk Alternatives

Office 365 Platform Disables Support for POP/IMAP Protocol, Owing to High Risk. Office 365 Kiosk/F1 Users Impacted


Options available for Kiosk/F1 users

It is advisable for customers to explore below approaches:
  • Kiosk/F1 users can continue using the existing plan with only web access and limited 2GB space.



  • Switch to a higher plan of Office 365 like Exchange Online Plan 1, Business Basic plan, etc. But upgrading to a new plan may be an unnecessary cost.



  • The most economical solution is our bespoke Office 365 – Cloud Zimbra hybrid where you could park power users on an Office 365 plan and general users on the Cloud Zimbra platform, both sharing the same domain name.
We would like to know more about Cloud Zimbra – Office 365 hybrid environment?

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    Explore your options

    Cloud plans Office 365 Kiosk/F1 Option 1

    Online Plan 1

    Option 2

    Cloud Zimbra

    Platform Microsoft Microsoft Zimbra
    Email space per user 2 GB / user 50 GB / user Domain level custom space (we can also distribute domain space amongst users as per usage)
    Cloud drive storage 2 GB / user No 25 GB
    POP/IMAP support No No Yes
    Secured webmail access Yes Yes Yes
    Native desktop email client No No Zimbra desktop
    Instant messaging (Chat) No No Yes (with desktop/mobile/web client)
    Audio/video conferencing No No Yes (optional add-on)
    Office productivity tools No No No (coming soon)
    User operations level interface Very easy Very easy Very easy
    Admin level usage Yes Yes Yes
    Email security Basic Basic Advanced security with bundled Cisco ATP
    Support Partner Partner Logix [24×7]
    Email archival No No Yes [optional add-on]
    Price/user/year (INR) 1400.00 / 1550.00 2760.00 400.00 to 900.00 (Depending on space requirement)

    How does it work?

    You upgrade your power users to the next possible Office 365 plan and migrate your general users to Cloud Zimbra. The coexistence setup shares the same domain names and maintains a seamless email flow between the two platforms (Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra).

    With the hybrid model, you can continue using all your needed mailing and productivity functionalities without any restrictions.

    • Built-in cloud email advanced threat protection.
    • Instant messaging for real-time collaboration.
    • Includes Zimbra desktop access.
    • Domain level custom space.
    • Continue getting POP/IMAP support.
    • Mobile synchronization.
    • Secured webmail access.

    Why to migrate?


    Logix support 24×7


    Lower ownership cost


    Add-on services


    Enhanced features

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